Friday, December 30, 2005

Closeup Parts

Here are some more pieces I found in my office recently. These are from some time during college:

BABY GO! in: "Trash Rescue"

When I was cleaning out my office I stumbled upon a whole messload of old and cool things that I had done, mostly from college. Here is a bizzare comic I made:

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fools Play "Hello Kitty" Poster

A poster idea I created for Fools Play Improv. I don't think it was ever used, unfortunately.

Christmas for the Fools

Below are some of the things I made for the peoples at Fools Play. Not pictured are Ed's present, which was a pair of etched pint glasses (with the Hideous Robot on them) and Leah's, which was a painted version of Downbeat Bot that I forgot to scan before I wrapped. Oops!

For Geoff: "Rising Above"

Acrylic on canvas

For Sandy & Mathias: Tiltbot

Acrylic on canvas board

For Taisha: Ghost Punkin

Acrylic on canvas

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

Crazy Boy Floyds Album Cover: "8 Songs In the Can"

Photoshop collage I made for an album that, unfortunately, was never released.

Downbeat 'Bot

Marker on paper; digital color

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crankin' the Wrench

Here's an inked drawing I did this morning. Experimenting with line widths and fun stuff like that. Then I did a preliminary color study type of thing. Just messing around; don't know if anything'll come of these.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Kids' Room Mural at The Bead Factory

The Bead Factory hired me to create a full, four-wall mural in their kids' playroom. Here are the photos I took of the finished product. It's all done with regular wall paint and sharpie markers. Seriously!


Quick sketch - Oct '05

Approach by Sea

Acrylic on Canvas Board - 2005

Cutie, Anime-Style

Pen on Paper; Digital Color

Chinese Landscape 01

Acrylic on canvas - 2005

Tiny Canvas Series: Nude Beach

Acrylic on canvas board - 2005 - 4" x 6"

The Girl in my Head

Acrylics on canvas - 2005 - 11" x 14"

Mary's Leaf

Acrylic on canvas board - 2004

He's In a Happier Place, Now

Acrylic on canvas board - 2004

Cindy's Space

Acrylic & oil on canvas - 1999

The Forest for the Trees

Acrylic & oil on canvas - 1999

Full Nude

Pencil & pen on paper; Photoshop color - 1998

King Conan

Pen; Photoshop - 1998


Pencil & pen on stippled paper - 1998

Killer Robot?

Ink, red acrylic paint, collage (newsprint, sharpie marker) on paper - 1998

What Sexual Harris Meant

Ink w/brush on Vellum - 1998

Jiang Zemin: Crooner

Ink on paper - 1998

No One Can Stop Grimmace!

Pen & Pencil on Paper - 1998

Too Many Late Nights

Pen & Ink; Watercolor on paper - 1998

Bite of Seattle

Paper cutouts - 1997

Stormy Waters

Acrylic on canvas - 1995

Ye Olde Homestead

Watercolor - 1994


Watercolor - 1994

Leave a Light On

Acrylic on art board - 1994 - 9" x 4"

The Beach

Acrylic on art board - 1994 - 9" x 4"